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Datchä Mandala - Mojoy (Official Music Video)

I made that animated music video for Datchä Mandala on my own. It was a crazy and long journey that began in october 2016.
I sketched, storyboarded, modeled, character designed, rigged, animated etc... on my spare time, weekends, holidays. Such a big adventure! Three years later, the music video finally arrived!

How many nights, how many weekends modeling, painting and animating theses 3d puppets! I remember the time when I was watching Gorillaz music videos dreaming of to make cool art like this! I overcame softwares bugs, lack of inspiration and white nights.
Thanks to all the people who gave me the strength to finish it.

Now, I'm ready for the next adventure!

Datcha Mandala - Mojoy (OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP)

Dätcha Mandala - Mojoy (Official Music Video)